5 Reasons Why We Need People In Our Lives

Devin Mehra
3 min readJan 20, 2024

#2 — It Makes the Hard Times Easier

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We are social creatures. Our ability to communicate and support each other is how humans moved to the top of the animal kingdom.

Socialization is in our nature. It’s why we have progressed as far as we have as humans.

Yet, according to the Surgeon General of the United States, we are facing a loneliness epidemic. The consequences of COVID-19, technology, and cultural shifts from collectivism to individualism have severed our connections.

As a society, we must remember why having people in our lives is essential to our well-being. That way, we prioritize forging positive relationships.

If you’re wondering why having people in your life is critical, below are five reasons.

1. We’re Happier and Healthier

Beginning in 1938, Harvard University conducted an 85-year-old longitudinal study to understand what makes people happy in life.

The single greatest indicator of happiness is not how much money one makes, how healthy someone is, or how successful they are.

The single greatest indicator of happiness is having positive relationships.



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