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#2 — Don’t justify your action

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We all make mistakes. Unfortunately some of those mistakes can hurt another person. We’ve been taught the right thing to do in these circumstances is apologize.

While it’s all dandy and nice to apologize, where we can miss the boat is how to go about apologizing to another human being. You may have had the experience of apologizing, only to have the other person lash out even further.

Let’s say you’re with a group of friends and you make an off color joke. One of your friends doesn’t take a liking towards your poorly worded joke. …

“It isn’t what a man knows, but what he thinks he knows that he brags about.”

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In 1903, a man named George Horace Lorimer wrote a book titled Letters From A Self-Made Merchant To His Son. The book is a collection of letters from a wealthy 19th-century businessman to his 20-something-year-old son.

It wasn’t until halfway through the book that I realized the letters were not real. Lorimer had fictionalized the characters and the letters.


I wanted the letters to be real. Why? Because they were written so dang well.

So dang well, I decided to share with you…

Hard decisions must be made.

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COVID-19 has been tough on all of us. We fear for the health of ourselves and our loved ones, unemployment has soared to historical numbers, and many of us have been stuck at home for almost a year now.

Amid the struggles, one nice component of a pandemic world has been the gift of time. Overnight, many of us received hours back into our days.

Time spent commuting to work — gone. Parties on the weekends — no more. Long weekend trips to visit extended family — a thing of the past.

Time has been…

It’s not just what you do, but deciding when to do what you do.

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Have you ever woken up one day and told yourself, “today I’m going to be super productive!”

I assume most of you have, and if you’ve never experienced this before, you might need to light a fire under your ass.

After a nutritious breakfast, you get after whatever you need to get done. Finish that script. Draft that all-important email. Clean the upstairs closet.

You crush your morning task(s) and feel like a million bucks. You decide to take an hour-long lunch break and return to…

Force others to make a decision about you.

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What does it mean to be polarizing? When we say someone is polarizing, we usually mean people either “love ’em or hate ‘em.”

The act of polarization divides people. A polarizing movie is either applauded or lauded. A polarizing political figure is either supported or refuted. A polarizing piece of artwork is either accepted or rejected.

The real question is, do we ourselves want to be polarizing? Do we want to do something that people will either love or hate? Do the positives of your admirers offset the negatives of your detractors?

There’s more to suffering than building character and resilience

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What is the benefit of hardship and suffering? To suffer is to be human, and we all suffer differently. The love of your life breaks your heart. Physical pain destroys your well being. You get cut from the team you worked so hard to make.

Where’s the silver lining to our hardships and suffering? We’ve all heard the term “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.” It’s true — suffering and hardship can build resilience, perseverance, and toughness, traits all of us should seek.

But is that it? There has to…

Numbers Lead to Stress

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Stress is omnipresent. But have we stopped to think about what so much of what we stress about comes from? We normally blame technology for our increased stress. That’s the easiest thing to do.

Here’s the catch though — the problem isn’t necessarily technology, but rather the enormous amount of data that technology offers.

Imagine you are sitting in a park waiting for a friend. To pass the time, you whip out your phone and obtain the following information:

Your sales lead hasn’t responded to your inquiry in the last 6 hours

Your stock portfolio is down 2% from this…

Creation creates fulfillment, consumption breeds complacency

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We live in a consumer society. Eat more, watch more, read more, buy more. More, more, more.

Consumerism has become the staple of our livelihoods. Think of a typical day: consume breakfast, consume the news, consume your favorite streaming show. We consume so much; we are referred to by businesses as consumers.

Are we human anymore?

This begs the question — where is there room for creation? We spend so much time consuming; there isn’t enough emphasis on creation.

Unfavorable “Creative to Consumption” Ratio

In the current season of The Bachelor, one man must decide his soul mate among…

Read enough to take the best lesson from each book

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Ever heard this line before:

“This one book changed my life!”

Okay, hold your horses. Though you may have heard someone make that claim, it’s quite the statement to make. Did one single book change the whole trajectory of your entire life?

I tend to think not, and here’s my controversially bold statement:

The person that claims one single book changed their life is the same person that doesn’t read enough books.

Those that commit to reading will likely tell you different books have impacted their lives in different ways. …

Understanding this can make all the difference

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Guilt and responsibility are two of a kind. These two words are sometimes used interchangeably. But do they mean the same thing?

I think not.

Understanding the difference between guilt and responsibility can go a long way towards greater accountability. Is it possible to take responsibility without feeling guilt? Is guilt required to assume responsibility?

Before we can answer these questions, we need to understand what guilt and responsibility mean independent of each other.

Let’s get into it.

The Meaning of Guilt

We’ve all experienced guilt at some point. But what does it mean?

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines…

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