I’ve posted every week for the last 52 weeks, these are my favorite lines.

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Exactly a year ago, I set out to publish a blog post every Tuesday. I wasn’t sure how long it would last. One year and 52 weeks later, I’m writing my 52nd blog post.

To mark the milestone, I’ve decided to consolidate pieces of my writing. The sentences listed below have appeared in my writing throughout the last 12 months.

If you’d like to learn more about each line — or gain further context — click on each line to read the story it originated from.

Personal Communication

#2 — Don’t justify your action

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We all make mistakes. Unfortunately some of those mistakes can hurt another person. We’ve been taught the right thing to do in these circumstances is apologize.

While it’s all dandy and nice to apologize, where we can miss the boat is how to go about apologizing to another human being. You may have had the experience of apologizing, only to have the other person lash out even further.

Let’s say you’re with a group of friends and you make an off color joke. One of your friends doesn’t take a liking towards your poorly worded joke. …

You have saved time by using all your productive hacks. Now what?

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You got the hang of your job.

After years of practice, you have honed in on maximizing your productivity. You know what to prioritize. You know how to effectively time block. You know what to do yourself and what to delegate to others (if you have that luxury.)

Work that initially took you a full workday to complete you can now complete in half that time.

You have achieved the pinnacle of productivity at your job.

With efficiency comes free time. Suddenly you find yourself bored and begin…

It’s not them. It’s me.

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In my first job out of school, I was a middle school math teacher. Many say teaching is one of the hardest professions out there. I couldn’t agree anymore.

Not only do you have to teach content, but you also have to manage the varying personalities and behaviors among your students. This is called classroom management.

Classroom management is the holy grail for any teacher — especially those teaching younger ages. How effective are you at commanding a classroom? Do your students follow directions? That kind of stuff.

I had many days as a teacher…

Focus on emotions, less on experiences.

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Imagine this:

You just went through a difficult experience. You’re flustered and need to tell your friend the regrettable event that unfolded.

You could be angry. You could be scared. You could be anxious.

After rehashing the story to your friend, the response your friend provides is something along the lines of “I can relate to that” or “I understand what you’re going through.”

Your friend then goes on a tangent about this one time when something similar happened in their own life.

You come to realize this conversation isn’t making you feel any…

Asking “why” is limited, asking “why not” is limitless.

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When I tell people I took the New York City subway to the end of every line, I get the same question. It goes something like this:


What do people mean when they say “why” when posed as a question?

What they are getting at is, “why on earth would you do something like that?”

Why would you subjugate yourself to the pits of the subway voluntarily? Why would you take the subway to random neighborhoods you know nothing about? …

#4 — Fear is a deadly motivator

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Few movie franchises have had a global reach the way Star Wars has. Relatable characters. Incredible saber duels. Fascinating ethical and political dilemmas.

Best of all, Star Wars offers incredible life lessons. Here are the best lessons from the Star Wars franchise, which can teach us about our own lives.

Lesson #1 — It’s never too late to do the right thing

In Star Wars: Episode VI — Return of the Jedi, Darth Vader (the bad guy who also happens to the father of the heroic protagonist Luke Skywalker) gets into somewhat of a pickle.

From the moment Vader decides to join the dark side…

Paradoxical advice consolidated.

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To say yes or to say no? Should I be a “yes” person, or should I be a “no” person?

Life advice can be paradoxical. You can find plenty of advice telling you to say yes in life. Stephen Colbert told a crowd of college graduates to be “yes and” people. Shona Rhimes wrote an entire book titled Year of Yes.

Just say yes. Sounds straightforward.

But every time we are taught to say “yes,” we are taught to say no. Robin Sharma says to say no to the little things so you can say yes to…

Avoid “resulting.” Instead, focus on the process.

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Last year I read the book Thinking in Bets by Annie Duke. Duke is a former world champion poker player turned business consultant.

Her book discusses the psychological workings within the game of poker and how those lessons can be applied to our everyday lives. One of the reoccurring themes in her books is the concept of “resulting”.

What is resulting? It’s our tendency to equate the quality of our decisions with the quality of our outcomes.

If the team won the game, the coach must have made all the right coaching decisions…


Don’t just do something, sit there.

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“Don’t just do something, sit there.”

The above quote was uttered by Judson Brewer, who I had the opportunity to listen to (virtually, of course). Brewer is a psychiatrist, author, and professor who’s spent ample time hearing other people discuss their problems.

It came as a surprise then that someone who’s a trained psychiatrist telling his audience to “sit there” instead of doing something.

How does that make any sense?

Our friends and family confide in us their toxic relationships, frustrating work pursuits, and embarrassing personal matters. There’s a reason they’re coming to us…

Devin Mehra

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