Don’t Be Vulnerable With Everyone

Devin Mehra
2 min readJan 27, 2024

Too much of anything — including vulnerability — can be a bad thing.

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Much has been discussed on the importance of vulnerability

Author Brené Brown has made a living writing books around the topic.

There are many benefits to vulnerability. Be vulnerable to enhance your relationships, become a better leader, and live a more authentic life.

Communicate your shortcomings and insecurities so people will understand you’re also human.

This way of thinking and being has been an amazing discussion point in the last few years. This is especially true for people (typically men) who historically have been taught to not show emotion.

Because to show emotion implies weakness. And certainly, no one wants to be viewed as weak.

So there you have it — vulnerability is the answer to our problems. While vulnerability is great, there is a fine line we must walk.

The Vulnerability Oversharer

Too much of anything — including vulnerability — can be a bad thing.

Brené Brown encourages each of us to ask ourselves, “Who’s earned the right to hear my story?”

It should be a privilege, not a right for someone to hear your personal struggles.



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