Fight the Fear of Helping Others

It’s ok to get involved.

Devin Mehra
2 min readJan 30, 2024
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We face two similar issues.

1. We don’t always ask for help.

2. We don’t always lend a helping hand.

Both issues are problematic. We fear burdening other people with our problems and we don’t always go out of our way to help others.

Life is already too busy as it is, so why complicate things even more?

Speaking of helping others, this one quote shook me:

“I worry sometimes that humans are afraid of helping humans. There’s less risk associated with animals, less fear of failure, fear of getting too involved” -Marina Keegan

Sometimes we’d rather help animals than humans. As Keegan notes, there’s less risk involved. We help an animal once and we can move on with our lives. But helping a human is a different kind of ball game.

Yes, things can get messy. You might have to put off whatever it is you’re doing.

But what is more important? Would you regret not getting more work done or not helping someone in need?

Help Those Who Cannot Help Themselves



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