Guilt Isn’t Required to Take Responsibility

Understanding this can make all the difference

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The Meaning of Guilt

We’ve all experienced guilt at some point. But what does it mean?

The Meaning of Responsibility

Alright, so what’s the deal with the responsibility?

Responsibility And Guilt

It’s totally conceivable to experience guilt, to then be followed by a sense of responsibility.

Responsibility Without The Guilt

It’s much harder to take responsibility when there aren’t the negative emotions that accompany guilt. Some people won’t even take action unless guilt is present.

Responsibility > Guilt

To create prolonged action in others, one must inspire responsibility.

To inspire action, invoke responsibility, not guilt.

Mark Manson says guilt is past tense, while responsibility is future tense. The question isn’t who’s at fault. The past is the past. At a certain point, there’s no need to bicker about who takes guilt when we need to start taking responsibility.

Take responsibility for what you are not held responsible.

We’re taught to take responsibility for our actions. It takes a higher level of mastery to take responsibility without the emotion of guilt.

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