If People Weren’t Insecure…

I wouldn’t be writing this.

Devin Mehra
1 min readJan 29, 2024
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If people weren’t insecure…

There would be no calculation.

People would be happier.

People would listen more.

And speak less.

We’d stop listening to people’s opinions that don’t matter.

I wouldn’t be writing this.

You wouldn’t be reading this.

There would be less exclusion.

There would be less prejudice.

People would make more friends.

People would be less lonely.

People would take more risks.

There would be less anger.

Life wouldn’t be as complicated.

There would be less fighting.

We’d live with less fear.

We’d be more satisfied with our careers.

There would be more love to go around.

We’d live more authentically.

To live without insecurities is to live your most true self. Insecurity is natural, we all feel it.

But it’s not whether you feel insecure, but what you decide to do despite the feeling.

Fight the insecurity. Live your life.

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